Nightlife in Londonn

London is known for its nightlife where you can do exciting and memorable things. London is a place where the nightlifeis seen as an experience that everyone who lives or visit London must have. From the clubs to the world-class theatres, trendy night outs and lots more. The comedy nights, the night clubs, evening theatres only shows that there is so much to do in London to enjoy a pleasant and memorable nightlife.

Below are some of the spots you can visit for a pleasurable nightlife

Rooftop bars

Rooftop bars are usually places to choose if you want to see London from a different angle. Get beautiful scenes and gazes from rooftop bars, roof terraces and other rooftop activities.

  1. Aviary London 
    Get beautiful gazes over the city timelines from the beautiful Aviary London, which seems to be a stunningrooftop bar and restaurant just located on the 10th floor of the Montcalm Hotel in London. Have something special to celebrate. Aviary London is a cool spot to explore the London Nightlife and have some celebrations with your families and friends.
  1. Madison 
    Looking for where to have Belvedere cocktails under fair lights with views to the St. Paul Cathedral. Enjoy live music while wrapped up in a blanket within a cosy timber-clad chalet. While enjoying the serene nature of Madison, topping it up with enjoying baked camembert with truffle mac and cheese.
  1. Skylight London 
    Enjoy the beautiful gaze and serenity when you skate up high to the top of beautiful and breath-taking skyscrapers lights on the top of the roof at Tobacco Dock’s three storey building. Enjoy hot cocktails and roasted chestnuts in a relaxed and cosy cabin.

Theatre Shows

London offers some of the best theatres with good shows. Be sure to get amazing shows and musicals from the world best theatres.

  1. Dolly Parton presents 9 to 5 The Musical 
    Three work friends working in the same place pushed to the limit. Doralee, Violet and Judy together to face their despicable boss in the 9 to 5 musical. Prices from £24.00 - £78.00 per Adult Ticket
  1. Waitress 
    A musical show based on friendship and baking. Watch how friends help each other to rebuild their lives and make each other strong for the pressures and competitions ahead.

    Prices from £23.21 - £184.50 per Adult Ticket

Top Night Outs In London

Live Music

See live music at top bars and restaurants in London. Before musicians actually become famous and hit the top, they perform in bars and pubs all across London. There are lots of bars and pubs with live music to choose from.

  1. The Dublin Castle 
    If you want to watch new and upcoming music bands play their best songs, the Dublin Castle is the right place. A lot of stars and famous bands all started with their singing journey from playing live musicright at the Dublin Castle. The Dublin Castle is not a place to miss out on a beautiful night because different bands play live music all seven days of the week
  1. Notting Hills Art Club 
    This is a place for big-time parties where famous musicians perform. The Friday night parties are the days to look out for a lovely time partying.