Top Brunch Places In London

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, a taste of the delicious brunches in London could make you think twice and make skipping breakfast a not-so-bad idea.

You can have brunch on any day of the week,especially on weekends. Taking time out to have brunch with your friends and family or just you alone can be fun. We’ve put together for you a list of top brunch spots in London. Take a closer look at them as the list below will whet your appetite.

Apres Food Co.

Meals: Accompanied by a low-key Parisian backstreet vibe, the menu at Apres is entirely free of gluten and refined sugar—a diverse mix of cuisines. Brunch consists of cereals and grains, bruschetta and fry-ups (plus a veggie version), cold-pressed juices and organic wheatgrass.

Super Meal: Don’t miss the ‘Frittata muffin’—a blend of eggs, olives, tomatoes and fragrant herbs baked in a muffin case to golden brown perfection and served with crisp salad leaves and a fruity relish with a slight chilli kick.

Price: Brunch for two plusservice is around £20.

Rovi in Fitzrovia

Meals: The menu at Rovi screams ‘brunch’: poached eggs with za-atar flatbread and butternut hummus; Iranian fritters with piquillo sauce; Jalapeno cornbread with scrambled eggs and avocado; green shakshuka with duck egg plus, of course, pancakes, Bircher muesli and toasted banana bread. You can wash it down with a hot or cold, alcoholic or soft drink.

Super Meal: You shouldn’t miss the ‘smoked haddock and Welsh rarebit crumpet with piccalilli’.

Price: Brunch for two plus service is around £35.

Malibu Kitchen at The Ned

Meals: The Saturday brunch offer (11a.m – 5p.m) takes the best of the rise-and-shine breakfast menu. It comes with some zesty world-cuisine tempters ranging from sea bass ceviche, ahi tuna poke and sea bream tacos to ‘brick’ chicken with grapes and spicy yoghurt or cod in dashi broth. You can have a cheeseburger in a potato bun. Another delight is ‘the roast cauliflower steak’—the perfect foil for the smoky za-atar, crispy spiced chickpeas, served with garlicky yoghurt. On the fishy side is the beautifully spicy sea bream taco.

SuperMeal: Don’t miss the ‘Forbidden rice bowl’ with kale, fermented vegetables, almond and basil.

Price: Brunch for two with service costs around £35.

Coal Office

Meals: Machneyuda’s polenta with asparagus, mushroom ragout and Parmesan (a must-order); Josperisedaubergine with green tahini; shikshukit 2.0 (two dense lamb kebabs on soft pitta).

Super Meal: Don’t miss ‘the nibbles’, perhaps ‘a pretzel on a stick’ or a ‘pizza from the past’.

Price: Brunch for two with service costs around £40.


Meals: Green peppercorn squid, devilled chicken sausage, butter bean and cheese kothu, and a choice of ‘kari’ riffs with Sri Lankan ‘hoppers’.

Super Meal: Don’t miss Thesmoked gorakha Bloody Mary (or its virgin sister).

Price: Brunch for two with service (without drinks) costs £55.

For an incredible brunch in London, try out this epic list of the best brunches in London. Don’t hesitate.