Best Museums to Visit in London

Visiting London without checking out the best museums in London is like a train without an engine. Your visit is not complete until you have visited at least two of the best museums in London. In London, you are never far from a museum, whether free, weird, cartoon museums and all. There are over two hundred of them,but we would only be focusing on a few with great exhibitions, ace events and collections that are not very good for you to miss out on them.

Here is alist of the best Museums you can find in London

The British Museum

The British Museum was the first ever opened museum for the public in 1979. The museum has since the opening been known to have and display ancient artefacts discovered by some British explorers. The museum has over a thousand collection of things and artefacts that are truly worth seeing, over fifty thousand items on display. From the entrance of the museum, you can hear the buzzing sounds of students on excursions to see and learn about history and some historical collections in the museum. You can also see lots of tourists who also came to see the various exquisite collections of artefacts and other collections.

National Maritime Museum

Just as the name, the museum is a place where national collections relating to water and maritime are stored. The museum is free for students who study courses relating to naval and maritime or water and tourists and Londoners who have an interest in the naval sector.

There at the National Maritime Museum, the famous story of the Nelson Navy Nation is being told at theexquisite gallery. The story of the defeat of Napoleon battles and revolutions. There are lots of educative and exciting games and lessons for children and older children at the National Maritime Museum where children can learn to play games such as fighting pirates to save their ships from danger.

The Design Museum

The Design Museum is a museum that has a collection of exquisite and contemporary designs and architectures. The museum is one full of classic designs, exhibitions, pop-ups and displays. The new building of the Design Museum is truly an awe wonder sight and an example of a beautiful design.

Science Museum

The Science Museum is a remarkable museum known for its magnificent and old collections of scientific revolutions. It has a beautiful line of entertaining and educational exhibitions in all its seven floors. The exhibitionsinclude famous collections of Apollo 10 Module, collections of old Nokia phones, a 16th-century artificial arm and so much more.

At the museum, you can find the oldest display of clocks and watches over centuries and also the museum is a place that houses the IMAX Cinema where you can watch movies in 3D thus having both an educational and exciting experience.

Imperial War Museum

For those interested in the history and impact of the world wars, the Imperial War Museum is the right place to go to get facts and see collections dating back to the time of the first and second world wars. The museum holds collections of different things as you ascend further into other floors of the building such as the history of the European anti-Semitism, various crimes against humanity, genocides and other crimes (not suitable for under 16).