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No experience can be compared to that which is gotten when you visit London. London is an ancient city that can be traced back to the times of the Roman Empire. The city has so many experiences and catchy moments that you wouldn’t want to miss. London is a city filled with remarkable beauty, cultural heritage, bustling and vibrant. It is a city with lots of ancient castles and the latest skyscrapers, a home for lots of ancient history museums. From the shopping malls to the rivers, all with their own unique experiences and moments.

London is a very big city with over five international airports which means that more than 300 countries have a direct link to the international airport — not forgetting the underground train system which is connected to different parts of the city and surrounding cities making transportation easier and affordable to people.

London is a beautiful city filled with parks and open spaces so finding a place to relax after work or on the weekend is not a problem. Places like the royal park, London Rivers and other fantastic places to have a good time, relax and see amazing views of how beautiful nature is.

The Best Walks in London

Here are some of the best walks in London, places and routes that you can appreciate in Britain’s capital city.

Jubilee Greenway (an excellent stroll to Camden from Little Venice)

This route is usually very quiet and can make an exciting and quiet walk especially on a sunny day. The walk is usually not a long walking distance,butan exciting short walking distance from Camden is good for those who like to take a bite during your walk –this is the best route to start from.The walking distance is about two miles which is okay and makes you feel like you are on a towpath of a country’s canal.

South bank stroll (Tate Modern to Jubilee)

The south bank is actually a lovely place to take a stroll. At sunset, the place looks more like a magical place because of the Victorian lamps posts glowing –theview of tower bridge etc. at nightfall, the place becomes unusually quiet and a time to appreciate the beauty.

Green Oasis to Modern Hall Park

An ideal place for watching birds’ movements and over a thousand sight of beautiful roses.


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